The BTI results from an international analytical collaboration of almost 300 experts in top academic institutions around the world and local reporters in most countries. They all share the goal to detect strengths and weaknesses by comparison and to find good examples for successful political steering. A project of this magnitude could never succeed without their expertise, enthusiasm, creativity and attention to detail.

With their extensive regional expertise and their outstanding academic standing, the regional coordinators contribute to the measurement and review process and the analysis of the BTI-results in a major fashion. In consultation with the BTI-team, they select their region’s country experts, guide, comment and coordinate the preparation of the country reports, calibrate the indicator scores for their respective region and have a most important role in conducting the interregional calibration of the BTI-results. They are also the authors of the regional reports, which form an essential part of each BTI-publication.

Over the years, the BTI team has profited from the support, advocacy and counsel of many transformation experts and practitioners. But it is the BTI Board our council of scholarly advisors, which is unequaled in its commitment to providing us rigorous and collegial support. BTI Board member played a crucial role in helping us establish the BTI’s conceptual framework, and continue to ensure sound results for each edition through their expertise and counsel.

The BTI´s quality stands or falls with the quality and validity of the country reports, which constitute the backbone of all our assessments and scores. We are as happy as we are proud to be able to rely on an invaluable network of almost 300 country experts at top academic institutions and civil society organizations around the globe, as it is their knowledge and experience upon which our cross-national analysis is built.

The scope and complexity of an instrument such as the BTI must undergo continual development and improvement. We are committed to the regular evaluation of our methodology and process and will always benefit from the critique, suggestions and facilitative input of users like you.