The peaceful transition to democracy and a market economy remains one of the most demanding political, economic and societal challenges facing the world's nations today. By providing a knowledge base of factors leading to success or failure in development and transformation, the BTI facilitates learning amongst decision makers and helps to improve future strategies.

Despite decades of success and failure in applied development and transformation policies, there has been no systematic analysis of varied experiences with the management of change up until now. The Bertelsmann Stiftung has analyzed and compared development and transition performance worldwide to make this rich base of knowledge available for use.

The search for tenable possibilities in managing and supporting development and transformation processes lies at the heart of the project, which focuses on the following questions:

  • Through which strategic orientation and under which circumstances is it possible to successfully manage development and transformation?
  • Which countries are undergoing development and transformation processes and to what degree of success?
  • Which best practices can be identified?
  • How can external support of these processes be optimized?

The project analyzes transformation processes toward democracy and a market economy in international comparison. Updated every two years, the Transformation Index BTI provides a ranking that combines qualitative, in-depth evaluations with quantitative scores for the performance of 129 developing and transition countries. The BTI measures the current state of democracy and market economy in a given country, its evolution over the past two years and the quality of governance performed by its leadership. The data collected will contribute to the development of strategy recommendations for the political management of transformation.

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