Transformation Index 2016


The BTI 2016 encompasses close to 4,000 pages of global trend reports, regional reports and country reports. The BTI report provides an extensive analysis of global developments as well as seven regional surveys that offer a vivid introduction to the political and economic trends and management performance of the various regions of the world. The global trend report summarizes the most important results in international comparison. Seven regional reports debate specific trends of democratization and economic development in different parts of the world. 129 country reports, the analytical core of the BTI, offer a detailed insight into all surveyed transformation processes of the last two years and produce the qualitative evaluation for 6,708 individual scores.


Transformation Index BTI 2016

Managing the peaceful transition of authoritarian states to democracy and a market-economic system represents a tremendous challenge. Whether ... read more

Global Results

Strategies of Development and Transformation.

Regional Reports

Overview reports of the seven world regions.

Country reports

129 detailed reports provide the basis for the ratings.